So I run now…

So I run now…
Sure it’s too cold for cycling outdoors and I don’t always have time for the spinner in the garage at night. Skiing will be awesome when there is enough snow and time. But at lunch almost everyday I now run. And to be honest, I’m ok with that. I get to have a hot shower afterwards and the day is broken up so beautifully that I can suddenly handle all those silly afternoon meetings.
So here I am smiling after a bloody cold run: -26C with wind chill. 🙂


Apple’s Misunderstood Ad: Undeniably Powerful and Clever

This is new ad from Apple for the holidays is so very very powerful. being the Dad of 13 year old who is always on her phone, it made me stop to think about what she might actually be doing with it rather than complain about the amount of time she spends with it in her hands.

Merry Christmas Thing 1, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

via ▶ Apple – Holiday – TV Ad – Misunderstood – YouTube.