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@ Kaza Photography

I’m a web developer, a techie, a geek and media junkie, a Montrealer and one of 2FatDads.com. I blog on a semi-regular basis over at 2fatdads.com where I also have a regular DadCast that I do with some other Fat Dads. I Tweet far too often about the Habs, Technology, being a Dad and of course Canada and The Great White North, so follow @JohnnyCanuck, I’ve also been known to let out a few French Tweets too: @JohnnyLeCanuck.

So when I’m not jacked into my MacBook Pro or my iPhone, I’m pretty much driven by my need to Get Out into The Great White North and exploring this Planet ERF. I’m a little but of an adventurer and will always prefer to dodge trees screaming down a mountain, paddle through the calmest or whitest of waters, ride some waves and harness the power of the wind then sit on a bike watching yet another screen with 20 other sweaty fat dads. As small as the Internet and Social Medias make this beautiful blue marble look, it’s a really really big place that I hope to see more of as the kids grow up and adopt some of my crazy hobbies.

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