‘Twas the Night before Wintermas

‘Twas the night before Wintermas and all thru the house,all the xc ski creatures were busy, except for the mouse. 

The addicts had prep’d all their skate-ski’s with great care 

in hopes that St Glide-a-claus soon would be there.

The skiers were huddled all snug in the shed. 

with fumes from sweet Fluorocarbons dancing in their heads. 

with weather apps and snow thermometers used with great care

We all hoped the glide would be awesome, when we got there.

With Nesspresso’s consumed and last nights scotch therefore banished

We jumped in the car, ………..despite headaches ‘n being famished

We live in Quebec which means winters really…. suck

But with a fresh 30cm’s, heading north was just for luck

There was a debate, Oka or Ptit train, to be specific

But it was unanimous that conditions anywhere were sure to be terrific

So with a snub to our Western friends who had being skiing since November

We hit the trail hard knowing that St Strava would remember

On Fixie, On Bubba, and last of all Timber 

Skate skiers of skill, sizes and shapes that will.. linger(?)

Down the flats with V1, up with hills with V1-stagger

Will be done in 2 hours and the legs will knackered. .
Guest post by Ulfy ‘JubJub’ Waxmeister